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Environmental Science and Pollution Research(2018)Issue 3, pp 2614–2622 In vivo assessment of polydatin, a natural polyphenol compound, on arsenic-induced free radical overproduction, gene expression, and genotoxicity
Plant Pathology(2018)Issue 2, Pages 277-294 Phenotypic, molecular and pathogenic characterization of Phlyctema vagabunda, causal agent of olive leprosy
Taylor Francis, Libyan Journal of Medicine(2018) Volume 13, 2018 - Issue 1 Sequence analysis of the N-acetyltransferase 2 gene (NAT2) among Jordanian volunteers
Springer, Archives of Virology(2018)Volume 163, pp 57–63 Prevalence of HIV-1 pre-treatment drug resistance in a southern province of Iran, 2016-2017
Applied Clay Science(2018)Volume 154, Pages 64-72 Impact of clay minerals on bacterial diversity during the fermentation process of kimchi